About Us

Logistics Industry is one of the highest contributors to India’s GDP. It’s highly evident that Tech-Logistics is re-architecting India’s speckled logistics structure.  Logistics Junction is an e-marketplace which ensures faster and trustworthy Logistics services between Companies and Transporters. In simple words it helps ease the daily transportarion transactions. We have 2000 plus Transporters & 4000 plus Companies registered with us on our portal in a short span of time & our aim is to spread our reach Nation-wide to the entire logistics sector.



Nationalise India’s Logistics Structure through an E-portal platform and promote simple yet effective transactions among Transporters and Companies. 



1) Technology Driven

Entails LJ’s Premier Vision that is to create an e-marketplace for companies & Transporters to digitalise their world by making day to day Logistics transactions more accessible through our Mobile app & Website.

2) Bridge the Gap

To ensure that the Companies & Truckers can connect with each other without having to face problems in transportartion of material for companies & payment assurance for transporters.

3) Providing Value Added Services




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